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Wildwood 5kW

A stunning centrepiece to any room, this stove is based on our 6kW Wildwood but with reduced depth. It takes a 152mm flue with the versatility of either the profiled flat top, flat top or low curved canopy – rear flue only on the low curved canopy (shown here with integral log store style base).

Wildwood 6kW

The 6kW Wildwood stove is a fantastic room heater and, like most of our stoves, has four different top options, Flat top, Profile top, Low curved canopy and High curved canopy. This stove
combines the virtues of all the Woodwarm stoves with the classic clean burn system, generating a clear and clean view of the fire at all times.

Wildwood 9kW

Based on our excellent mid range stove, this Wildwood version is a very capable stove where both room heating and boiler options are needed. As on the Fireview stoves, a full range of canopies are available which allows you choice to blend with your decor.