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Herald 14

A real fire can create quite the atmosphere, but this used to come at an awfully high environmental cost – not any more. With a fantastic 78.6% efficiency, our Herald 14 will elevate your carbon conscience.

With our frequently imitated and never replicated Cleanburn technology, you can load up the large fi re bed with your chosen fuel and be confident that your Herald 14 will burn away happily on its own, needing minimum attention but giving maximum output.

Herald 8

Warming toes all over the world, the Herald 8 is one of our bestsellers. At 78.9% effi ciency, it’s incredibly effi cient for its size. Complete with our Cleanburn and Tripleburn® technology, you can rest easy knowing your

Herald 8 will be working hard getting as much value as possible out of every piece of fuel you use. Good looks, tried and tested technology and incredible value for money – what else could you possibly need?