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Eco 1

For rooms on the smaller side, we’ve designed an eco-friendly, compact stove that has wonderfully neat dimensions.

The eco 1 still boasts all the stylish good looks and landmark technologies of the bigger versions though, so you’re not missing out. Whether your home is a period terrace or a chic new build, the eco 1 will fi t your lifestyle beautifully.

Eco 2

This hardworking stove will serve your family for decades and its good looks will never go out of fashion. The reliable and adaptable eco 2 produces an impressive heat output range of 3.5kW to 7kW, thanks to powerful Cleanburn technology which maximises results and reduces emissions. Like all the eco stoves, it incorporates our two-position grate system for burning wood and smokeless fuels incredibly efficiently.

Many competitors’ stoves have a fixed grate system with wood embers falling though the grate into the ashpan, whereas the eco-ideal grate system builds a bed of hot ash for optimum wood burning.

Eco 3

A perfect combination of style and technology, the eco 3 radiates charm and sophistication. Plus, with an output of up to 5kW, there is no need to have a cumbersome air brick installed.

Everything about this stove has been designed to make your life easier: our Tripleburn® technology will get as much heat as possible from your fuel, whilst the hot airwash will even keep the glass clean for you. What are you waiting for? Put your feet up and let your new eco 3 keep you warm.

Eco 4 Slimline

If you want a cosy room but are limited in space, here’s your perfect match. The eco 4 is our solution to a problem that is familiar in many homes: a wide fi replace with a narrow hearth. This space-saving room heater is certainly not stingy when it comes to performance either.

You can load the fuel bed with smokeless fuel or large 16” logs and enjoy a generous output range of 3.5kW to 6.5kW. Complete with renowned eco-ideal technology, the eco 4 Slimline will keep you toasty all winter long.